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Welcome to Sunny P Farm
313 Cedar Creek Rd., Franklinton, N.C.  27525 

DOUG from PA, Call Jim!!!

Located on scenic Cedar Creek Road in Franklin County, North Carolina, the property sits atop a hill adjacent to historic Cedar Creek. The original home was demolished and a new home was built on this site in 1997. In August of 2011, the property was purchased by Jim and Beverley Pierpoint and named "Sunny P Farm."

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Jim and Bev

  Bev's "Cactus Patch" Rock Garden

The native Yucca cactus plants were uncoverd by Bev when clearing the property. These plants, with unique tenacles, became the focal point of her rock garden. The rocks were found in the woods and fields and removed so Jim could cut the pastures. Instead of piling these rocks back into the woods they were recycled into the garden. Their beauty and metaphorphic, igneous and sedimentary attributes make them objects of beauty. Granite, sandstone, and quartz blends are the most common.

According to the N.C. Geological Survey, Sunny P Farm is in the Carolina Slate Belt. The belt refers to a region of low-grade metamorphosed volcanic rock characterized by slatey cleavages crossing North Carolina in a general southwest to northeast direction. The rocks in the belt    are from the Pre-Cambrian period.

The Pre-Cambrian period is that long stretch of geological time (the longest actually) that starts from the formation of the Earth up to the beginning of the Cambrian - about 4.6 billion years ago. Just to give you an idea how old this is, dinosaurs did not come into existence until the late Triassic (230 Ma). They lived up to the end of the Cretaceous period (65 Ma).

Note: Ma stands for Megannum, where mega means million and annum means year. Hence Ma is equivalent to millions of years ago

Sweetpea lounging
Jim built the custom-designed swing
   The 42 x 20 ft Pool... fun!

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